I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in a family of five. I have an older sister and a younger sister. When I was between 11 and 14, my family faced many downturns. My mom started to have mental illness. My dad’s jewelry shop was robbed, so he lost lots of money from it. Because of the changes, my older sister moved to Taiwan at that time. Yet, before that she always bullied me, and my dad also looked down on me. During that period of time, I felt lack of love and became more and more introvert.

However, I give thanks to God who always know my needs and prepared me the chance to listen to the gospel through an elementary school classmate. I then believed in Jesus and shared with Him my difficulties in life. Due to my low self esteem, besides my younger sister, I almost had no friends to share my heart with. But Jesus became my close friend and even helped me regain trust in people. He prepared brothers and sisters in church who cared for me and were patient to me. By listening to my prayers, the Lord also prepared an older sister who took initiatives to care for my mom and accompanied her for treatments at hospital. My mom later also believed.

Growing up in church with the love from God and brothers and sisters, now I am changed to be a person with more confidence and even with a bigger heart knowing how to love and care. I help out children ministry in church. I had been on mission trip to South Africa for the poor. Now I am working as a paraprofessional at school to assist students with special needs. Some of them also believe in the Lord now and have their lives changing to be better.

It is the Lord Jesus Christ who has transformed my life and make me now a blessing to others as well. He is real and we can experience Him always. That’s why I would like to share my story with you. I hope His grace can change your life as well. May God bless you!

– Feifei Ng