I moved to NY from HK with my older sister at the age of 10, while my parents still stayed in HK for their business.

My parents would try their bests to provide us with whatever we demanded for. I had been flying a first class, driving a BMW and Benz at a young age, wearing some of the top brand names in fashion, riding a top of the line bicycle in the bike industry, etc. Therefore, I took things for granted easily.

Later on, I started to be rebellious. I started hanging out on the street till very late. My grandparents couldn’t discipline me. My friends invited me to party with heavy drinking, and I started to drink a lot. At that stage of life, I was not realizing the consequences of my actions.

My turning point was a volunteering experience in a summer. I met a Christian who preached to me about Jesus, and I decided to believe. Since then, my life slowly got changed.

In the past, I would try to pass the classes by cheating. Yet, by relying on God and assistance from Christians at church, I studied on my own until I finished my college degree. I quit drinking and stopped partying as well. I respect and even care for my grandparents and parents more. Instead of asking for money every time when I called my parents, I would greet them and chat with them about life. Besides my loved ones, I also learned how to love and care for other people. I went on a mission trip in 2015 to South Africa where I saw with my own eyes how much needs the kids had. I became more and more thankful with what I have in life and stop seeking after worldly things that can only give me temporary pleasure. I thank God for saving my soul and transforming my life to be so fulfilling now.


Frankie Wong