Before I became a Christian, my life was self centered. I loved to watch TV, read gossip magazines, and played games on phone. I also planned to move back to Malaysia and settled down with my boyfriend of 28 years. Outwardly I was quite happy with what I had, but inwardly I was always unhappy and felt as missing something.

Back then, my impression of Jesus Christ was that he was a God of Christian people. He was boring, and he was born at Christmas and let us all have a long holiday break at year end.

I became depressed when I ended my 28 years relationship with my boyfriend in 2018. I felt sad, I cried every day, and I even tried to commit suicide. I felt ashamed to talk about myself and what I had gone through. I couldn’t even face my family. Internet became my friend and I tried to comfort myself by shopping unnecessary things online to make myself happy.

During this difficult time, my best friend introduced me to a Christian friend who then brought me to church. Some sisters from church listened to my story and cared for me. They encouraged me to open my heart to believe in Jesus and entrust my troubles to Him. Since then, my life has changed into the most wonderful ways.

I’m able to let go of the past and be a better person. My heart has become warmer and stronger to love God and love the people around me. All my fears and worries are gone. I also feel calmer and always happy with a thankful attitude. People at work have commented that I seem like a different person. Every week I also make time for church and participate in church activities because I get support, encouragement and guidance there. Now, I realize who Jesus Christ really is. He is the only God and Savior for eternity. With my sins, I deserved to face death. Jesus did not deserve to die, yet He died for my sins and overcame death for me.

I am totally a new person now. I want to be a real Christian to follow Jesus my whole life.