I was raised up as a Catholic since I was born. I was baptized when I was still a baby, and I attended Catholic schools until I graduated from high school. Due to the way I was taught, I thought bible reading was only for certain people such as the priests and the pope. I was very blind back then about my belief and my relationship with God.

But thanks to the Lord, a missionary team from Hong Kong contacted me and my wife. They explained the gospel clearly to us, and the part about sin especially captured me. Later on, I also got baptized according to the biblical truth. Not only did I and my wife receive the Lord’s salvation, but we also realized that the church is God’s family. We enjoyed a lot of brothers and sisters’ love and welcome.

My family also experienced great comfort and support from God’s family. My wife and I couldn’t beget children for five years since our marriage. We eventually just left this in God’s hand. I even shared this to brothers and sisters as my birthday wish. God did answer our prayers by granting us a baby boy the year after. However, he passed away three months later. Our lives were shattered at the moment. But we held Jesus’ hand tight to walk through the process. Brothers and sisters also gave us overwhelming support that not only could we rise from our sadness but also we could preach to our friends and families through this life incident, and two of my sisters believed. Even though everyday I might face new challenges, and some can be a hardship, the Lord Jesus promised that He won’t leave me nor forsake me. I am very blessed having this true and living God and God’s family to walk through my life journey with.