Give thanks to the Lord for blessing the 2019 Memorial Day Camp at Pocono Spring. Brothers and sisters from different places in the East Coast including New York, Toronto, Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago made their efforts to join this annual camp. A sister from Honduras also flew over just for the weekend to participate. Together with some brothers and sisters’ families and friends, there were about 200 people in total breaking the record of past camps.

On Saturday afternoon, three youngsters were baptized to glorify God in front of everyone including staff of the campsite. In the evening, brothers and sisters from different cities shared about the Lord’s numerous grace and blessings for the past year.
The Sunday message touched the hearts of many that we need to have a fervent heart for the Lord to respond to His calling in this last age before His coming!
Brothers and sisters had lots of fun doing various sports and outdoor activities on Sun afternoon and during the evening’s family game time, and we experienced living in love and unity as well.
On Monday morning, brothers and sisters from young to old shared their happy moments and spiritual gains with an open heart. Many even shared their personal songs or poems written to the Lord after being encouraged in a pursuit training.
The slogan on the camp booklet, ‘Remembering God’s Grace, Prepared for a More Glorious Stage’, reflects what we had experienced in the camp. May the Lord continue to prepare us as the most glorious Bride to welcome His second coming!



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